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Our Brands

We’re proud to represent these fine brands in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Breakdown by Spirits

Our coverage area

Copper Barrel Distillery - NC/SC/TN
Doc Porter’s Distillery - NC/SC
Brothers Vilgalys - SC/TN
Fair Game Beverage Co - NC
Mayberry Spirits Distillery - NC
Pinetop Distillery - NC
  • Doc Porter’s Distillery
    Doc Porter’s Gin
    Pinetop Distillery
    Carolina Gin

  • Copper Barrel Distillery
    Copper Barrel White Lightning
    Copper Barrel Blueberry Moonshine
    Copper Barrel Black Cherry Moonshine
    Copper Barrel Red Cherry Moonshine
    Copper Barrel Strawberry Moonshine

    Pinetop Distillery
    Carolina Moonshine

  • Doc Porter’s Distillery
    Doc Porter’s Vodka
    Fair Game Beverage Co.
    Flying Pepper Vodka

  • Brother Vilgalys Spirits
    Krupnikas – Spiced Honey
    Beatnik – Beets, Orange Zest, Herbs & Spices
    Beebo – Rhubarb, Hibiscus, Herbs & Spices
    Jabberwock – Chipotle & Manzano Peppers, Coffee, Herbs & Spices
    Zaphod – Guava, Starfruit, Herbs & Spices

    Fair Game Beverage Co.
    Apple Brandy

  • Doc Porter’s Distillery
    Doc Porter’s Bourbon
    Doc Porter’s Rye
    Mayberry Spirits Distillery
    Crystal Moon Clear Sorghum Whiskey
    Toasted Oak Aged Sorghum Whiskey
    Vanilla Oak Aged Sorghum Whiskey

  • Fair Game Beverage Co.
    Amber Rum
    Limited Edition Carolina Agricole Rum

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